For those acting as trustee in an age when data security breaches are often in the news, FRS provides our clients with the peace of mind that comes with a best in class, Security Environment Information Management (SEIM) data security platform (endpoint desk/laptop, browser, email and network protection). FRS operations are SOC l qualified and our technology platform is maintained to a SOC 2 and SEIM standard.

Cybersecurity services offered include dual factor authentication, VPN access restriction and dual encryption of data stored and in transfer. FRS’ automation is modularized, extensible, adaptable and has reliably processed tens of thousands of transactions with minimal downtime since completion of beta testing. The software suite resides on a highly secure, cloud hosted environment with encrypted firewalls to avoid data corruption from other users.

Our environment is continuously monitored, evaluated, regularly and rigorously tested to ensure the highest levels of cybersecurity. Communication with the FRS data platform is via limited access filter and is not found by standard web search techniques.